When Neurologist Cannot Help, Neuropsychologist Takes Over

Neurologist in Delray Beach FL

In actual fact, the neuropsychologist could very well be involved from the start or at least prior to the neurologist performing his work. The ordering of professional roles is necessary and relevant in view of the fact that assessing or diagnosing potential diseases or disorders that affect the brain needs to be conducted as carefully as possible. The neurological conditioning as part of the human body’s ability to function is extremely important. Whatever happens in the brain will affect other areas of the body in all its manifestations. A Neurologist in Delray Beach FL practices always works cooperatively in tandem with the next door Neuropsychological practice if you will.

Call it co-operative governance, if you will. After careful evaluations are completed by both the neurologist and neuropsychologist, the following conditions, if diagnosed will be treated by the neuropsychology team. Emotional management or coaching may be necessary in the event that a patient has suffered a traumatic injury to the head. He or she is temporarily impaired as a result. While the neurologist may well repair the damage, recovery time can be quite long and it is over to the psychologist to guide the patient back to complete one hundred percent mental health. 

Similar input will be required on the side of the psychologist in the event that a patient has inherited a brain tumor. The neurologist is able to remove this tumor. But after that, the psychologist needs to hold the patient’s hand to assist his or her recovery. The same goes for anyone who happens to have suffered from a stroke. Even the suffering of a so-called ‘mild stroke’ leads to patients feeling disillusioned or disoriented for long periods of time, over and above (temporarily) losing the effective use of a limb.